Sustainable and cost-effective food waste recycling

Severn Trent Green Power provides cost-effective, sustainable organic waste management solutions through our award-winning network of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Composting facilities across Derby, Birmingham, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and South Wales.

We offer an expert, stable and truly sustainable solution for food waste disposal and renewable energy production.

We work with over 50 local authorities and many waste collection businesses, catering outlets, food manufacturers and retailers to provide unrivaled food waste recycling solutions.

Our network of 9 Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and 5 composting facilities turn half a million tonnes of organic waste into enough green energy to power 50,000 local homes each year.

The nutrient-rich biofertilisers that our AD plants also produce are used to benefit local farmland and provide a truly organic replacement for petrochemical derived fertilisers which can be harmful to our environment.

To compliment our food waste recycling services we own various other renewable energy production facilities; 33 Solar parks, 6 wind turbines and 5 hydro-electric turbines. With these added to our energy from food waste plants, we produce a total of 58MW of renewable energy. That's is enough to power 115,000 homes each year.

We are the largest producer of renewable energy from food waste in the UK.

We care deeply about making a positive impact on our environment and strive to support our customers to achieve the same.

Learn more about our food waste recycling services here.

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