Sustainable and cost-effective food and garden waste recycling

As the largest producer of renewable energy from food waste in the UK, we provide cost-effective and sustainable recycling solutions through our award-winning network of facilities across the Midlands, South Wales, and London.

Our waste recycling services will help your business increase recycling rates, reduce CO2 emissions, and prevent as little waste as possible going to landfill. This means you get the best value for money, while reducing the impact your operations have on the environment.

We have nine Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities, and five composting sites that collectively recycle over 400,000 tonnes of food waste and more than 120,000 tonnes of green waste every year.

Through our food and green waste recycling we annually produce 230 GWh of green energy to powers UK homes and businesses, 400,000l of nutrient-rich liquid bio-fertiliser for UK farmland, and 65,000 tonnes of premium grade compost products, creating a real circular economy.

In addition, we own a diverse portfolio of renewable energy production facilities including 33 Solar parks, six wind turbines, and eight hydro-electric turbines. Coupled with the energy we generate from our AD facilities, we produce enough renewable energy to power 80,000 homes.

We Recycle Organics
We Recycle Organics
We Recycle Organics

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