Compliance and CSR

We support our customers in all compliance and CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) related matters; greatly enhancing their 'green credentials' and their ability to report upon them.

We understand that getting the fundamentals right and ensuring that we operate in a transparent and compliant manner is imperative.

Severn Trent Green Power are committed to operating in a responsible, compliant and transparent manner and we strive to be “best in class” when delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all of our stakeholders.

The very nature of what we do means that we are already a business that greatly contributes to sustainable development. But we are also continuously committed to sound environmental and operational practice; aiming to exceed all baseline legal requirements.

We strive to improve the quality of life of our workforce and their families and have a positive impact on our local communities and wider society.

We believe that CSR and Compliance are closely linked. Thus the principals, processes and procedures we apply to achieve our CSR goals are detailed, varied and pragmatic. Our dedicated compliance team manage our day to day compliance and regulatory work and the delivery of our continuous improvement agenda. Without their important work we would find it very difficult to deliver upon our CSR goals.

We are ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and BSI OHSAS 18001 certificated. Our sites are regularly audited by ISOQAR to ensure we are consistently in compliance with these standards (learn more about our awards & acreditations here).

Working safely and responsibly is a crucial component of our culture and this is a mind-set shared by every member of the Severn Trent Green Power team.

Keeping safe and healthy

Our ethos is to ensure that everyone on or around our sites returns to their homes and families in the same safe and healthy state that they left in. This extends throughout our workforce, to our contractors, visitors, neighbours, regulators and handlers of any outbound material streams that we produce.

We train staff in their working activity and appropriate good hygiene practise. We operate a company health surveillance scheme to ensure that the work that we ask of our team is not having any negative impact on their health. And we operate a “see it - sort it” process to actively encourage employees to flag up and correct health and safety risks before they become a more serious problem.

Taking care of our workforce

We pride ourselves on our truly international workforce; employing team members from South Africa, Romania, Poland and Hungary. Our staff enjoy the supportive, happy and thriving working environment and atmosphere we maintain throughout the business.

We recognise the importance of our workforce and our responsibility to take care of them, so do our utmost to ensure we support them and have a positive impact on their health, safety and well-being. We have a strong HR model to ensure that all of our team are happy, healthy, trained and competent and therefore confident in their work.

We recognise that as a responsible operator we must adhere to all Duty of Care requirements at our own sites and support our customers in doing the same.

We are happy to share information with our supply chain and host site visits to satisfy their Duty of Care requirements. Copies of each site's permits are available for download on each of the facility pages found here.

We expect all of our supply chain partners to share our ethics and responsible standards.

We operate in a heavily regulated sector.

Our main regulators are: The Environment Agency, Health & Safety Executive, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Animal and Plant Health Agency, Environmental Health Officers (Local Authorities) and Ofgem.

We work hard to maintain sound working relationships with all of our regulators and often contribute to sector working groups to share best practice and input into consultations that affect our business and wider industry.

Severn Trent Green Power’s facilities produce renewable energy to supply approximately 115,000 homes.

In addition, we convert food waste into a valuable organic fertiliser. Severn Trent Green Power produces almost half a million tonnes each year of valuable soil conditioning bio-fertiliser which is supplied to farmers for agricultural use.

Farming contributes around 7% of the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, through the use of industrially manufactured fertilisers, and every tonne of organic fertiliser we produce helps to mitigate this figure. Learn about AD here and find out our Digestate and Biofertilisers here.

Severn Trent Green Power aims to integrate into our local communities as a welcomed neighbour. We make a proactive effort to engage with our local communities; hosting regular educational visits from schools, colleges and universities to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of our facilities. We also host local farming groups, regular liaison groups with local residents and Parish groups, and fellow industry members and regulators.

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