What Our Customers Say

At Green Power we are always grateful to receive feedback from our customers in relation to the services we provide across our green waste sites.

We enlist the services of Leading Edge, a market research consultancy, to reach out to customers and gather feedback on our behalf. They contact a random selection of our customers each quarter to undertake a short telephone (or email) survey.

We greatly appreciate our customers giving up a small amount of time to respond to their questions when they call and we use this input to help us develop a more robust business.

Here's a selection of feedback from some of our existing local authority customers:


“Severn Trent Green Power was awarded the contract for the haulage and treatment of the food waste from Peterborough in April 2020 after submitting a compelling tender, combining value for money with an excellent service offering. The team have done a great job in challenging times, commencing a contract in lockdown was an achievement in itself. They are responsive to our needs and the service has been consistent and to a high standard. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with them over the next few years.”


“Since December 2020, Central Bedfordshire Council has been delivering food waste which is collected from approximately 48,000 homes to Severn Trent Green Power facility at Colney Heath, Herts. Since the commencement of this contract Severn Trent have been a pleasure to work with, continually providing an excellent service to ourselves.”


“We have had a very successful relationship with Severn Trent Green Power so far, including thirteen years of 100% availability from their AD plants. When dealing with food waste, reliability is everything. We are pleased to have recently extended our contract, and look forward to continuing our partnership, recycling food and garden waste from Oxfordshire residents.”


“Norse contracted the services of Severn Trent Green Power in early 2020 and we haven’t looked back. The service offered is excellent, with no issues of delays. Communicating with their team is so straight forwards and they are excellent at helping us solve problems. They came up with bespoke solutions for the way food waste is bulked and collected from our facility and keep in regular contact to ensure the service is being delivered to our satisfaction. They care about their customers.”


“Ceredigion and Powys deliver food waste to six different transfer stations across the two Counties. Since 2012, Severn Trent Green Power has provided an effective and reliable haulage service, minimising the number of journeys, through varying milk round collections which ensure frequent collection of waste from each transfer station whilst also maximising payloads. Their proactive approach has enabled continuity of an excellent service even as our collection services have evolved from that originally envisaged at the time of tender. Even with difficult issues, they are professional yet fun and easy to deal with.”


“Severn Trent Green Power has entered a 25 year contract to recycle RBWM's food waste. Once in contract RBWM realised that a number of contract changes were desirable. With many contractors these could have been potentially contentious and difficult changes but ST Green Power were extremely helpful agreeing the contract changes required and did not seek to exploit a potentially advantageous position. Severn Trent Green Power has always been proactive, fair, and responsive and really understand what working in partnership means."

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