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“We have had nine years of 100% availability from Severn Trent Green Power AD plants. When dealing with food waste, reliability is everything.”

Oxfordshire County Council

We take pride in maintaining strong and healthy working relationships throughout our supply chain. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with the service that we offer.

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“Ceredigion and Powys deliver food waste to six different transfer stations across the two Counties. Since 2012, Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) has provided an effective and reliable haulage service, minimising the number of journeys, through varying milk round collections which ensure frequent collection of waste from each transfer station whilst also maximising payloads. Their proactive approach has enabled continuity of an excellent service even as our collection services have evolved from that originally envisaged at the time of tender. Even with difficult issues, they are professional yet fun and easy to deal with.”


“In 2013, we awarded a contract to Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) for the haulage and treatment of food waste collected by three of our WCAs. Their experienced contract management team managed to successfully mobilise services in three weeks, including the purchase and delivery of roll-on-roll-off containers, set up all of the ‘back office’ administration and conducted inductions and training for all relevant drivers and staff. They have continued to provide an excellent level of service to Buckinghamshire County Council for the duration of the contract and, following a separate procurement process, were awarded a new interim food waste contract in December 2015, which commenced in February 2016.”


“Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) has entered a 25 year contract to recycle RBWM's food waste. Once in contract RBWM realised that a number of contract changes were desirable. With many contractors these could have been potentially contentious and difficult changes but ST Green Power were extremely helpful agreeing the contract changes required and did not seek to exploit a potentially advantageous position. Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) have always been proactive, fair and responsive and really understand what working in partnership means."


“Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) has been collecting, hauling and recycling Pembrokeshire’s food waste since 2010. The team have provided a consistent service from our original tender exercise through to now. As Contract Managers, they are easy to deal with and respond to our needs, providing innovative solutions!”


"We have worked with Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) as our exclusive food waste recycling partner for many years. They do a fantastic job at operating clean, reliable & efficient AD facilities that convert our customers' waste into renewable power. The team have always been a pleasure to deal with. They understand the market and are competitive, fair & sensible to negotiate with. We enjoy having them on board as a key supplier and look forward to continuing this strong, mutually beneficial relationship."


“We have worked closely with Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) since the North London facility was commissioned. They provide an efficient, local recycling destination for our commercial food waste collection rounds, adding value and efficiency to our operation. We have no hesitation in recommending the North London AD plant as a best-in-class facility.

“Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) supply us with organic fertilisers recycled from waste which we spread on our land. This can be a risky business as they are often both odorous and contaminated, but STGP have a real focus on producing high quality digestate which is both clean and low in odour and importantly is underpinned by the PAS110 standard. They also have FACTs qualified staff who can advise on storage, application and use of the fertiliser. We are happy that STGP are working to standards that others in the market would do well copy.”

Crowmarsh Battle Farms

“When the Benson village first learnt that there was to be a sizeable food waste AD plant within its community there was naturally some concern. However, Severn Trent Green Power (formerly Agrivert) have proved to be a model business. The plant operates smoothly and none of our initial fears have come to reality. STGP fully engage with the community presenting at meetings, supporting village events, digging our ditches and have even re-equipped the village shop with an expensive refrigerator. They are always contactable and available and now very much part of our community.”

Benson Parish Council

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