Why Green Power?

As the UK’s largest producer of renewable energy from food waste, we provide valuable waste recycling services for our Local Authority and commercial customers. We then turn that waste into renewable energy to power UK homes and businesses and produce a nutrient-rich liquid bio-fertiliser for farmland to help grow the fruit and vegetables that end up back on our plates.

We’re part of the Severn Trent Plc family of businesses, where collectively we’re fully committed to reducing the carbon impact of our operations through our triple carbon pledge which includes having zero carbon emissions, using 100% renewable energy, and running an all-electric fleet of vehicles by 2030.

Every business we work with not only benefits from our award-winning waste recycling services, but also gets the best value for money, while reducing the impact their operations have on the environment.

Sustainable solutions

We operate a high-quality portfolio of assets including nine Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and five composting facilities, that generate both renewable energy and provide valuable recycling services for our local authority and commercial customers across the Midlands, South Wales, Home Counties, Gloucestershire and Devon.

Experts in Food Waste Recycling

We’re one of the largest and most efficient food waste recyclers in the country. A quarter of all UK household’s collected food waste, and around 12% of commercial collected food waste is sent to our AD facilities. We work with more than 65 local authorities and many waste collection businesses, catering outlets, food manufacturers, and retailers.

UK’s largest generator of renewable energy

In 2022 we exported around 270 GWH of renewable energy in the form of electricity and gas to grid. This makes our AD facilities the largest producers of renewable energy from food waste in the UK.

Committed to driving carbon reduction

A tonne of food waste processed in one our AD facilities captures 0.5t of carbon and produces both biogas for green energy and a bio-fertiliser to enrich our soils, creating a circular economy that benefits both our customers and the environment.

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