Food Waste Recycling

As one of the largest food waste recyclers in the country, a quarter of all England and Wales' separately collected household food waste, and around 12% of commercial collected food waste, is sent to our AD facilities.

Whether you’re a food waste producer, collector, or Local Authority, we can provide you with a sustainable and quality food waste recycling service that’s cost effective and helps you reduce the impact your operations have on the environment.

In fact, we’ve been refining our processes for more than a decade now, which means you can benefit from the highest quality and most reliable service across our food waste Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities in the UK, as well as our award-winning industry experience and knowledge.

We currently work with more than 65 local authorities, plus many waste collection businesses, catering outlets, food manufacturers and retailers. All our sites have robust de-packaging systems, which means we can accept a wide variety of food wastes containing various types of primary and secondary packaging.

And it doesn’t stop there; all the food waste we de-package and digest is turned into:

  • Renewable energy which fuels UK homes and businesses
  • Nutrient-rich liquid bio-fertiliser which is used by UK farmers to help grow the fruit and vegetables that end up back on our plates

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