Severn Trent Green Power invests for the future with large-scale solar developments

Severn Trent Green Power (STGP), a renewable energy company with operations across the UK, is to construct three new large-scale solar farms, with potential for a fourth.

Severn Trent Green Power invests for the future with large-scale solar developments

By finalising a development rights deal with leading international solar company, Elgin Energy, STGP will transform its overall renewable energy output from c350GWh p/a to around 500GWh p/a (electrical equivalent). The three solar farms will add around 150GWh of generation capacity to the national grid, rising to over 185GWh once the fourth is energised. That’s enough energy to supply electricity to around 70,000 homes all year.

At present, the company manages 33 solar arrays, generating 16GWh every year. The growth is expected to take place over a period of two years, while development of each site takes place.

This project signifies Green Power’s continued strategic commitment to grow a diversified renewable energy portfolio.

Farryad Ishaq, Strategy and Business Development Director, said: “While anaerobic digestion remains a core focus of our business, we recognise the significant potential of solar, wind, and hydro power. This deal represents a big step forward in our ambition to power the UK towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

The agreement grants STGP project development rights at sites in three counties:

  • Leicestershire
  • Warwickshire
  • North Yorkshire

A fourth site in Shropshire looks set to be added later.

These strategically-selected sites provide the right conditions for optimal solar power generation, ensuring a significant and new sustainable energy source that can be fed back into the National Grid.

The projects are defined as ‘ready to build’ and include grid contracts, planning consents and land leases so STGP can build, own and operate the solar farm at each location, something it has a proven track record in doing.

The deal further cements STGP’s position as not just as the leading name in the field of anaerobic digestion but also as an emerging force in renewables with a diverse range of assets managed on behalf of its parent company, Severn Trent Plc.

Ronan Kilduff, CEO of Elgin, added: “We are proud to support Severn Trent Green Power in its ambitious move towards a diversified renewable energy portfolio. This partnership embodies our shared commitment to a low-carbon future and together, we are helping the world become climate neutral before 2050.”


Notes for editors:

Green Power plays a big part in Severn Trent’s Triple Carbon Pledge, a commitment to reduce the group’s carbon footprint to zero, operating a fully electric fleet of vehicles and using only 100% renewable energy, all by 2030.

About Severn Trent Green Power

Severn Trent Green Power (STGP) is a leading renewable energy company specialising in organic waste recycling. Through anaerobic digestion (AD) and in-vessel composting, STGP transforms food and garden waste into renewable energy (green gas and electricity) and valuable by-products like bio-fertiliser for agriculture and compost. With a growing network of facilities across the UK, STGP is committed to sustainable waste management solutions and driving the UK's transition to a circular economy. The company also manages a portfolio of additional renewal energy sources, including solar farms and wind and hydro turbines around England and Wales.

About Elgin

Elgin is a leading international solar company, bringing projects from origination through development to energisation. The company has a portfolio of projects in late-stage development totalling 15GW+ across three key markets: the UK, Australia and Ireland, with an unparalleled 98% success rate in gaining planning permission across all its markets. Since being founded in 2009, Elgin has expanded internationally and has a team of over 115 professionals in its London, Dublin, Munich, Madrid and Sydney offices. For more information, visit

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