STGP win Net Zero Award!

We’re delighted to win the Net Zero Award at the 2022 AD & Biogas Industry Award for our Biochar initiative, a joint venture with Nottingham University and CPL Industries

STGP win Net Zero Award!

Held at the Vox in Birmingham, the award celebrates success in innovation across all sectors of the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Biogas industries. Judged by an esteemed and global panel, we couldn’t be more proud to be recognised for our commitment in innovation and sustainability.

This is an innovative project we've been working on to explore how we can leverage new technologies to tackle carbon emissions in AD operations, so we can continue to grow our business in a sustainable way.

Every year, we produce around 10,000 tonnes of AD screenings which are a mostly fibrous material generated as a by-product of our commitment to the highest possible plastics removal efficiency. The screenings are currently disposed of via an Energy Recovery Facility route, but this project has shown that we can successfully convert these screenings into a low carbon bio-coal fuel.

We’ll be working on phase 2 of the project where the screenings will be further processed to produce a biochar using an integrated hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC) and high temperature torrefaction (HTT) plant process. As Biochar sequesters carbon in to the soil, this project truly demonstrates the pivotal role AD can play in reaching net zero.

Christer Stoyell, Managing Director says: “This is the first time we’ve won at the award and it’s such a great example of collaborative working within Green Power, and also with our partners in Nottingham University and CPL Industries. Their expertise and input are invaluable in helping us get this project off the ground and shape the future of AD operations.”

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