Green and food waste composting

Severn Trent Green Power recycles over 120,000 tonnes of green waste and mixed food and green waste (commingled) each year. We operate 5 composting sites, all producing a number of premium grade compost products which are used by local farmers, commercial gardeners and our local communities.

We run two different types of composting facility across Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire. Our Open Windrow Composting (OWC) sites that recycle green waste, and In-Vessel Composting (IVC) sites that recycle commingled waste (green and food waste mixed together).

Four of our five composting sites are in Oxfordshire and were built to service the long term green and commingled waste requirements of Oxfordshire County Council. And our fifth composting plant (IVC), in Hertfordshire, was built to service the Food and Green waste recycling requirements of Hertfordshire County Council.

To learn more about all of the premium grade bio-fertilisers that we produce please click here.

To learn more about how we are able to assist in recycling your garden or mixed food an green waste please contact us here.

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