Wind / Solar / Hydro

In addition to our food and garden waste recycling services, we own a diverse portfolio of renewable energy production facilities including 32 Solar parks, six wind turbines, and eight hydro-electric turbines. Collectively, we produce 58MW of renewable energy each year - that’s enough to power 115,000 homes.

Energy from water

We currently have eight hydro turbines installed on four sites which produce around 3% of the electricity we generate from renewable sources.

Power is generated when huge volumes of water gush downwards turning a turbine which produces electricity, gravity is essential to this process. Key areas for hydro power production are reservoir dams.

Each of our hydro turbines are connected to the National Grid and the electricity they produce will be used across the business.

Energy from wind

We have six wind turbines with four at a maximum of 130m to the tips of the blades. Each turbine generates enough electricity to power around 1,500 homes. In total, our current wind turbines can produce 20,000 MWh every year. This power is exported to the National Grid.

We have enjoyed working with communities near our wind turbines to help them become more environmentally friendly.

Energy from Solar

We have 32 solar parks across the Severn Trent business, all generating renewable energy that's then used across the Severn Trent Water business to reduce our demand for power from the National Grid.

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