Severn Trent Green Power Holsworthy AD Facility

Holsworthy was the first 'food only' AD plant in the UK. It became part of the Severn Trent Green Power network in 2023 when the company completed a takeover of former owners, Andigestion Ltd.

Learn more about our food waste recycling service here or Contact us to discuss recycling a specific waste stream.

The site was formerly a livestock slurry processing plant but having acquired the plant in 2005, Andigestion gradually turned it into a food-only process. Over the years we have optimised the process and technology and have now developed the site into one of the most productive and efficient in the UK. The site processes a huge variety of commercial organic waste ranging from the famous Cornish pasty right through to process effluent from chewing gum manufacture. The site can process up to 80,000 tonnes of food waste each year and on average produce 3.2MW of renewable electricity per hour from its engines. The site also receives municipal wastes from householders in Devon helping to ensure that food waste is diverted away from landfill.

Opening hours:

We are open to receive waste deliveries from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.

Pre-booked waste deliveries can be received at the following times:

08:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday

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